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DEDAO is a Chinese online reading platform, they needed support to design an e-book that support their service.


Product Design

Product Development


Consumer Goods


2022 IF Silver award


2022 A‘Design Bronze award

A Minimal Book

FOCUS F7 is the epitome of minimalist sophistication. With its clean lines and uncluttered design, it seamlessly bridges the gap between technology and the timeless experience of reading a traditional book.

Crafted in pristine white, the tablet's surface features a delicate grain texture, artfully replicating the tactile sensation of reading on paper. With every touch, you'll experience the subtle resistance that mirrors the comforting feel of flipping through pages. Its simple, smooth shape echo the reassuring familiarity of holding a folded book.

Eco-friendly Packaging

Our commitment to preserve our planet, we created a packaging with low impact on the environment. Crafted from recycled paper pressed into a lightweight yet durable form, it is a testament to eco-conscious design and responsible technology. 

By choosing recycled materials, we honor nature's resources and reduce waste. We also tried to use the least amount of ink.

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