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Limitless cup

Providing Booth design for successful hotel is not an easy task. Golf is targeting such niche market and wanted some creative support to develop their logo and visual guidelines for both their marketing sides and educational content.






Booth Design

Event Design



"​Mature women in executive position have no time for traditional fitness club. They seek expertise and long-lasting solution to stay in shape and regain the control of their body.  "
Zhang Yawei | WY&P DESIGN

Women In Charge is not a traditional fitness club. It’s a tailor-made health club focusing on mature women. This specific positioning and niche target was the background of the project. We needed to be sophisticated yet dynamic, reliable but not boring, classy but not too posh. The balance was achieved with a logo taking roots in the fashion world with sans-serif bold fonts mixed with the hand scripted IN element.

The Visual Identity guidelines were divided between marketing and educational needs. Promotional materials (print and online content) have a strong Zen spirit with gold stroke used to connect all visuals. Educational material are more practical and used a color code to differentiate the course structure following different body parts and functions.
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