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Consumer goods

Retail guidelines

Very short project (2 weeks) done for a large China-based cosmetic company that approached us to design a complete new family of bottle for their clients, mostly hotels and SPAs: shampoo, conditioner and body lotion as well as hand wash and bath foam. The design brief was to develop something unique yet generic enough to fit different hotels environment and branding.


Fissler China




Brand Strategy

Brand Development

VI guidelines

Marketing collaterals

Interior Design


Fissler China

"​Final design selection was heavily influence by production cost and factory capabilities.  "
William Volcoff | WY&P DESIGN

We investigate the market and quickly map key trends and some key competitors that we could use as references. Client was open-minded and let us explore various ideas before making his final selection.

The final design selected and produced is still confidential, but all designs should be released during Q3 2020. Obviously we made some concessions as the final design selection was heavily influenced by production cost and factory capabilities.
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