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Food & Beverage

Pot & Pan

Cooperating with Fissler for over 11 years gave us some opportunities to also work on specific localized product development. In this case, the brief was to develop new pot and pan for APAC market (specifically for China, Korean and Japan markets).


Fissler China




Product Development

Product conceptualization



Fissler China

"​What means “professional looking” in different culture? How do you translate intangible ideas into a premium product aiming at different market?"
William Volcoff | WY&P DESIGN
The second part of the project was essentially about convincing German HQ to give us, in APAC area, enough freedom to implement the selected design locally. We did multiple adjustment and refinement to match production feasibility. Project is still in the pipeline and under final approval from Germany.
Based on various marketing briefs coming from Fissler Korean and Japan teams, we faced a challenging situation: none of them matched what we knew worked in China. Asian market in not a monolith and this was a key insight to leverage subtle cultural differences and propose new design solutions. Working closely with China marketing team, we developed various design proposals to match different market segments.
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