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New born

Ayson approached us to design ATS, its stock trading platform. How to get a place in the competitive application market, they let us design the system for all platforms.


Ayson ATS


UI & UX & Website



New born

Ayson ATS

"​The stock trading software in the impression is all straight-forward and very serious. Invisibly increase the user's pressure. This case reflects how designers can maintain a high-level sense of typography and color matching under the tedious system process."
Kaho Tan | WY&P DESIGN
All trading software today is old and straight, we want to help trading software become more dynamic and easy to use, so we have redesigned the layout to be more suitable for newbies.
Unlike many domestic trading softwares that use monochrome, we extract elements from the starry sky. The color extraction of the starry sky not only injects vitality into the brand, but also expresses the pursuit of technology, which plays a key role in enriching the connotation of the brand.
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