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Consumer goods


SAINT MIRACLE SOL is an ultra-thin, sculptural beauty instrument, small in size and easy to operate, subverting people's perception of complicated beauty instruments. Its design purpose is to completely break the outdated product design. Take inspiration from the minimalist format to ensure that it is satisfying from all angles. In order to ensure the accuracy and texture of the model, we worked closely with them during the design process.




Product ideation

Product development

CAD Dev.





"​We hope to create a brand new product language for Aupu."
Yiming Zhou | WY&P DESIGN
We insist on starting from samples and creating different subtle changes. Feel the styles of different models in the form of touch, and make products with heart
3D printing is one of the fastest ways to present creativity. We designed different product patterns and placed them together. Through the penetration of light, we studied which one is more suitable for the inner part of the product
Sample testing and communication
Develop multiple texture options
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