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China has the hottest and most fascinating hot pot in the world. Kitsby wants to bring this authentic hot pot to the United States, and teaches everyone how to eat hot pot in the correct order. Through the design of a collective package, the most complete hot pot enjoyment process is brought to the diners.


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"​You, me, tonight, hot pot. The unique feeling brought by the hot pot adds to the unique charm of this product."
Yawei Zhang | WY&P DESIGN
Are you still worried about the choice of ingredients? Rest assured, we have selected the most suitable meat and vegetable collocation for our customers.
Just open the package, heat up the pot, pour the seasoning bag, and you can sit down and prepare to eat. There are pots and chopsticks in the package, so even without any preparation, you can have an authentic Chinese hot pot
Hot Pot Ingredients Gift Pack
Eat hot pot faster
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