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MONAMI is a gym equipment brand we help since their creation, supporting them with art direction, conception and production services.



Product Design

Product Development




Train in Beauty

We upgrade the product to bring a next-generation treadmill that is ergonomic and well-crafted. Ringo has a smart multi-function touch screen, smooth lines, and stylish design, showing its delicacy and beauty.

Run in Colour

We designed gym equipment that redefines fitness aesthetics. With bold lines, robust elements, and smooth streamlines, our designs inspire confidence and elevate your workout experience. They're more than just equipment; they're a visual and functional statement that empowers your fitness journey.

Our designs leave an unforgettable impact, not just within the gym but on your entire fitness journey. They combine bold aesthetics with streamlined performance, emphasizing both form and function. Monami gym equipment is engineered to support your goals and set the stage for extraordinary results. It's a commitment to transforming your fitness experience through exceptional design and unwavering excellence.

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