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Zhida is a top private school from Shanxi province. Aware of the importance of design and communication, they approach us to finalize their interior design and develop their entire brand and communication framework.


Zhid Int. School




Brand Creation

Collaterals Development

Retail Guidelines

Interior Design


Zhid Int. School

"​Designing for education gives us a great sense of responsibilities and honor.  "
William Volcoff | WY&P DESIGN
The project was divided into Brand development and Interior design, but both were done simultaneously to save time and match client’s tight schedule. We developed two different brand proposals supported by two matching interior design. It took us one full month. It was intense but rewarding as their implement exactly our initial proposal.
The school layout divides junior and senior students into two different buildings connecting by a central inner yard. Our brand/visual concept was to connect all part of the school with a yellow ribbon while each building will have a separate tonality. We developed all spaces and all visuals system to support school activities: from outdoor poster to web site to letterhead, envelop as well as stadium wall decoration, student classes, music classes, dance classes, teacher meeting rooms and conference hall.
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