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Home furniture

Shell desk

Comfortable leisure chair with lightweight design. A plastic plate is bent and fixed between two wooden legs, turning outwards into a unified curve while providing support and bending. The thin and light backboard is based on the support of the back and the best degree of bending.


Studio Gorm




Product development

Product ideation

CAD Dev.


Studio Gorm

"​Sweat in beauty. Sometimes doing the obvious is what is needed.."
Yawei Zhang | WY&P DESIGN
We developed a strong and bold product design language, so we logically implement such strong design elements into the brand. Black and yellow were used as the main colors, street-style slogans were developed to support various fitness situations.
Other brand elements followed and were organized into the brand book. The usual collaterals as well as some precise guidelines regarding photos tonality and poster layouts. We are still managing this brand so the brand is still growing and we are adjusting elements as needed.
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