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Tourism & Hospitality 


Petroleum Business Travel hopes to design a small program for its luxury hotel reservation system. Petroleum Business Travel hopes that users can find their favorite hotels more directly and quickly, so our design began.


Petroleum Business Travel




UI & UX & Website


Petroleum Business Travel 

"We also hope to define the concept of fashionable life in the magic city with rich activities, and make bartending workshops and cross-border cooperation activities exciting. "
Lu Shuangtian | WY&P DESIGN
New closed-loop logic
In order to attract users, we changed the hierarchical order of the pages, so that the new system uses a closed-loop logic. Even if the user randomly clicks in the mini program, the page will play a guiding role, and will eventually return to the core point system.
Turning on the super moments is our new definition of BLENDS users.​Through the unique points system, we hope that users will increase the stickiness of daily use of this app, so that users can make check-in a habit.
Points system
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