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X-Pro3 10th Anniversary Gift Box

T1 pro is the first product jointly developed by us and onetoone. We designed the appearance on the traditional structure to achieve a balance between the maximum air volume and the mute effect, and used parametric design to incorporate architectural inspiration into the tower fan.






Product Ideation
Product Development


Consumer goods 




"​We explore innovative tower fan shapes through the exploration of shapes, which are different from the traditional and rigid forms"
Yawei Zhang | WY&P DESIGN
Onetoone is best at its good hypochlorous acid disinfection products, and we need to apply this technology to the tower fan machine so that the top of the tower fan can carry a spray disinfection instrument. We fully consider the styling, so that the integrity of the product can be guaranteed when it is taken out and combined.
What we keeps exploring is how to use the latest conceptual means to achieve a landing product. We draw inspiration from architecture and design the parametric texture symbolizing rhythmic wind on the surface of the product. Through the detailed performance of the texture, the details of the product are increased.
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