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WY&P, Shanghai-based design agency known for its innovative and impactful work, is thrilled to announce the promotion of Lu Shuangtian -aka Riku- to Partner.

Riku's journey with WY&P began as a student of our co-founders, William Volcoff and Yawei Zhang. His exceptional design talent and dedication were evident from the start. After completing his studies, he joined the agency as an intern, quickly demonstrating his design prowess. He rose steadily through the ranks, becoming a junior designer and then a senior designer, consistently impressing with creative solutions and a commitment to excellence.

In the past year, Riku has taken a remarkable step forward, not only excelling in design but also demonstrating a keen understanding of business development. Through his efforts, the agency has secured several new key accounts, solidifying our position in the industry.

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23 March 2024

From Intern to Partner: Local Design Agency Promotes Standout Talent

On 21 March, students from Product Design and Manufacture Year 3 visited FUJIFILM X-space and our studio in Shanghai for a group design project in the module MMME2024. The project aims to map new users’ needs and potential market opportunities for FUJIFILM. 

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24 March 2023


WY&P wins Asia's largest business creativity award!We are pleased to announce that we have won the Bronze Award at the 15th ROI Business Creativity Awards.

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15 December 2022

WY&P wins Asia's largest business creativity award

After launching was a blast with over 1,400 eReader ordered within 1h. That's over RMB 2M in sales. The numbers are still going up. Amazing ROI for Dedao. That's how design helps to drive business.


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17 November 2022

Dedao E-reader F7 enters the market

Monami rocks again the fitness industry. Check them in the IWF 2022 exhibition.
Thanks to Monami team for trusting us and implementing our design. Building a brand takes time, courage and great vision. More to come for 2023!!

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22 September 2022

Monami rocks in IWF exhibition again

Thanks to the invitation of Forbes Global Alliance, WY&P successfully joined in 2022, and our partner Yawei shared the keynote speech of "Design Changes Lives" at the event.

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20 June 2022

We are invited to participate in Forbes China events

Very nice talk at the East China Normal University to discuss trends in the Advertising industry. Coming from the design industry, William's perspective and thoughts were mostly focused on the following top 3 macro-trends, Check to know more.

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6 December 2021

Nice talk at the East China Normal University

The Euclid chair designed by our Co-Founder William Volcoff won the silver prize in the 2021 Anji chair competition. Interested about our expertise in furniture design? Get in touch with us.

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22 October 2021

Silver Award in the 4th "Anji Chairs Cup"

We are proud of our designer Lu Shuangtian who just won the Good Concept Design Award in the second edition of the GIDA award. His work for Nio on future shared vehicle system was outstanding. Contact us to know more.

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18 October 2021

Good Concept Award in the 2nd "Golden Reed Industry Award"

WY&P moved to a new location in the creative heart of Shanghai. We are now right behind JingAn temple, on Jiazhou road. Welcome to visit us!

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30 September 2021

WY&P Design Change to a new working environment



A holistic design consultancy supporting your business with innovation

by connecting product and brand into memorable experiences online and offline.

Check out the newest SHOWREEL



​We are delighted to announce the first e-reader from WYP in partnership with DEDAO. We believe that machines must have the warmest natural texture that books bring to people, rather than blind simplification.

Product Innovation

We help you to launch your product from the ideation phase to the final market implementation and mass production.



IchiMore approached us with a simple question: how can we stand out in the very crowded energy drink market?

Branding Strategy

Through long-term cooperative service model, we create and implement online/offline strategies closely aligned with your business goals.



Over the last 11 years of cooperation with Fissler China, we developed 4 different retail guidelines. . Yes, market here is that fast.

Retail Design

We conceptualize and develop spaces to create lasting retail experiences and built loyalty.


Virtuoso (Asia)

As our long-term client, we are responsible for Virtuoso’s market operations and event design in the Asia-Pacific region. See how we organize digital marketing with Virtuoso.

Digital marketing 

We build unique interfaces and marketing materials that are logically consistent with your brand identity and market segment.



How to design Sigma’s 10th anniversary event in China. Find out how we design and oversee the construction of an event venue within a very limited and challenging space.

Event Planning

We create multi-dimensional experiences to immerse your clients/team with your brand values and lifestyle.


what do we offer?

"The success of Dedao F7 e-book can't sold out without

WY&P's team efforts: patient, professional and reliable."

-  Li Zhi , E-reader Director -


We believe our collaboration is valuable and trustful.

Our creative team is handling intellectual property, product stratagy, business model, or consumer insights we collect from people (these may include personal identifiable information). To comply with all legal requirements, codes of practice and all other requirements applicable to our activities, WY&P maintains an high standard of information security management for every clients and projects.

Obvious design language

Our design language provides users with a more pleasant product use process, and at the same time reflects our pursuit of modern, simple and environmentally friendly design concepts.

Landing it in a smart way

We focus on brand positioning and brand value transmission. We are committed to providing customers with the highest quality design solutions, so that customers can obtain the best market effects.

Let the

brand talk

We are well aware of the importance of user experience to brands and enterprises, and pay attention to the creation of user experience. Help clients create engaging and immersive user experiences.

Full immersive experience

We are well aware of the importance of user experience to brands and enterprises, and pay attention to the creation of user experience. Help clients create engaging and immersive user experiences.

Our work

Lasting Impact

The Center of Innovation

We collaborate with passionate leaders, iconic brands, and visionary entrepreneurs to manifest their dreams and create the future.

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